How to Set Your Intention

Intention/Manifestation Instructions​​

How to use your candle to set your intentions:

• Take time to think about what you truly desire.

• Once you have your intention in your mind, write it down on paper, and place it under your candle.

• Light your candle and meditate on what you are trying to manifest.

• Speak your desire out loud. This gives your desire life and intention.

• Take the next few moments to meditate and visualize your desire and what it would look like.

• Meditate this feeling for as long as you choose.

• Once you have completed your meditation, allow your candle to continue to burn until you have a full melt pool and then snuff out the flame. This prevents your candle from tunneling and having an uneven burn when you relight it.

• It is crucial to never blow your candle out until you are done with your intention.

• Each time you light it, remember to snuff out the flame so that it will continue to work on your desire each time it is burned.

• Always remember, never leave a lit candle unattended.

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