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Virgo 9oz Jar Candle

Virgo 9oz Jar Candle

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Virgo Jar Candle - Crystal Infused 100% Soy Wax Zodiac Candle

Virgo - August 22 to September 22

We've spent a lot of time researching the crystals and scents best suited to your Zodiac sign. The three crystals listed below are matched to your Zodiac.  We guarantee that your candle will contain one of your Zodiac stones.  There are also other small mystery crystals included in your candle! When you light your candle, the scents of Lavender, Rose, and Sandalwood will fill the room.

About Virgo:

"The Virgin" is your symbol. You are fantastic at assessing everything around you. You are an excellent manager with a clear mind and frugal ways. You must exercise caution not to be overly critical of others with destructive criticism. Don't be too stubborn. It takes a lot to earn your love, but it becomes smoldering and passionate once won and does not cool quickly. Your analytical abilities, mental agility, and attention to detail are outstanding.

Crystals that support Virgo:

Amazonite is a truly exceptional communicator's stone. This enhances your ability to express your feelings and thoughts without becoming overly emotional. It is an important stone for stressed-out Virgos because of its ability to balance and harmonize. It helps you to achieve emotional equilibrium, allowing you to let go of your obsessive tendencies and accept the unique character that comes with imperfection. It calms your spirits and calms your minds by reducing fear and worry. This Virgo stone aids in understanding other people's perspectives, which is important for Virgos who tend to believe that your way or the highway is the only way to go.

Amethyst - Calms anxiety, relieves stress, clears negativity, and balances the mental and physical body are just a few of Amethyst's properties. These are crucial to the Virgo mind, as you help you feel more grounded in times of uncertainty. Amethyst adds a spiritual dimension to Virgos' analytical mind. It emits calming energy that promotes feelings of well-being, helping Virgos in accepting what you can't change. Amethyst is a Virgo crystal that encourages you to understand others and improves your relationships as a result. It also helps to dispel negative energy and lifts the spirit.

The properties of Green Aventurine include vitality, growth, understanding, confidence, luck, and prosperity. This green gemstone calms nerves and soothes emotions, while also gently grounding energy and bringing balance. Green aventurine healing promotes cheerfulness, optimism, joy, and a sense of humor. This is an excellent gemstone for Virgo because it helps to resolve inner conflict and promotes growth and renewal.

Clear quartz is considered the "master healer" because it amplifies energy, thinking, and the effect of other crystals. Energy is absorbed, stored, released, and regulated by it. Clear quartz absorbs and neutralizes negative energy. It brings the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels into balance and revitalization by acting as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical and mental dimensions.


Each candle is handmade and wrapped by hand, and due to the nature of this, they may vary slightly, some small imperfections may be present, which does not affect the use.  Colors may vary slightly from those you see in the photo. 

Our Signature Wood Hang Tags:

Our signature wooden hang tag is attached to the wick of every candle that you purchase. Cut the wick just under the knot.  This will ensure that your wick is trimmed to the correct length to burn. 

The hang tag doubles as an eco-friendly, reusable wood oil diffuser. It comes unscented so that it can absorb the aroma of your choice, whether it be a liquid, oil, or spray. Apply your favorite scent to the back. When your fragrance diminishes, reapply, and you're ready to enjoy it again and again!

Use the provided string to hang it on your door handle, put it in your car, or anywhere else you'd like! Avoid hanging it in a spot that will obstruct your line of sight when using it in a vehicle.

Burning Instructions

Burning Instructions:

Remove any large crystals and/or flowers/dried pieces before lighting the candle. The first time you light the candle, allow it to burn until the liquid wax covers the entire top of the candle. This breaking-in process ensures that it will perform better and more evenly throughout the candle's life. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep wicks trimmed to 1/8 inch. If you notice a large flame during burning, blow out the candle & trim the wick before re-lighting. Place burning candle on heat resistant surface. Never move a candle while hot or burning. Blow out the candle if the jar becomes excessively hot. Keep out of drafts. To prevent candles from tunneling down the middle, burn long enough to achieve a melt pool visible around the glass (roughly 1 hour per each 1 inch in diameter).

Keeping Your Jar

If you would like to keep your tin/jar:- When 1/8 wax remains in your tin or jar, extinguish your candle and dispose of the wax.- Your Candle is 100% soy wax, and your jar can be washed in hot water with dawn dish detergent to remove any excess wax.

Warning Safety Instructions

Safety Instructions:

• Any large crystals and/or flowers/dried pieces should be removed before lighting.

• DO NOT burn candles unattended.

• Keep away from flammable objects or anything that can catch fire.

• Keep away from children and pets.

• Trim wick to 1/8 inch before lighting.

• Burn candle on a level, fire-resistant surface away from drafts and/or fans.

• Candle container will get hot. DO NOT touch the candle container until candle wax has cooled.

• DO NOT burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time.

• DO NOT burn candles to the bottom. Stop use when 1/4 inch of wax remains.

• For candles with dried flowers/herbs: If the flame burns too high or too close to the container, extinguish immediately (DO NOT extinguish the candle with water).

WARNING: Burn within sight. Keep away from things that catch fire. Keep away from children. Please practice caution when working with your candle. We are not responsible for any misuse or harm caused by this or any other candle in our shop.


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